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We work directly with our clients, educating them on how credit works in today’s economy and create a personalized car loan program that will help them move forward with their credit profile.

We only work with financial providers who offer a high degree of knowledge and programs supporting financial needs for those with less than perfect credit, allowing us to help clients establish a good payment history while they’re at it.

If you have 1 or more of the following situations listed below then apply now and be approved for a BC auto loan today:

You did not pay one of your creditors and they sent it to an agency to collect their money back
Your joint bills stopped being paid once a divorce was decided
High Debt-Service Ratio
You owe more to payments then you currently make
You were sued in a court of law and need to pay the other party back that sued you
Lease Sell Offs
You are refinancing a current lease into a purchase loan
Low Credit Score
Your credit score is below average
Over Balances
You owe more money to your creditor then your available income
Previous Declines
You have previously been declined for a line of credit
You stopped paying for something you purchased and the bank took it back
Written Off Credit
You stopped paying off your line of credit and the bank does not expect to get its money back
Young Buyers
You are under the age of twenty five and have minimum-to-no credit experience

What makes New Leaf Auto Financing Inc. stand out among other loan companies are the personalized programs available to our clients. We work with you directly to help you go from your current credit score, being that of no credit or bad credit, to a position of good credit. This process provides our clients with the means to establish their credit score and stay there. This way, your BC auto loan will do even more for you than just get you the car of your dreams.

Ready to get started? Call to speak with one of our specialist now at 1-888-479-6289 or apply online and have New Leaf Auto Finance Inc. get you approved and driving today!

You guys really surpassed my expectations! I’ve been shopping for a loan for a while now....


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John C. 05/14/14

“If you really need a helping hand, then these people are ready to help. After all the phone calling and looking around with no one willing to help I phoned New Leaf and they helped my right away. I will be dealing with them again and recommend them to everyone. Thanks again Zach!”



Kyle B. 03/28/14

“New Leaf completely gave me a new start from a terrible car deal in the past. Zach worked so thoroughly to get me the best deal that worked for my situation. Unbelievable customer service! Incredible job Zach at New Leaf!”

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