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Regardless of your credit history, we strongly believe that a person’s freedom should not be defined by their credit score. With our vast network of renowned financial institutions across the province, we will find you the best auto loan available, and fast.

Do I qualify?
Everyone qualifies for an auto loan, the only difference will be the terms and conditions of the approval. We specialize in getting everyone approved at the best terms and conditions available from all lenders. If you have a steady income and stable residence we can get you approved.
How do I apply?
At New Leaf Auto Finance Inc. we want this process to be as stress free as possible. Therefore, you can apply either online, in person, or a simple phone call. Call to speak with one of our specialist NOW at 1-888-479-6289 or apply online and have New Leaf Auto Finance Inc. get you approved and driving today!
How long does it take?
It will take less than 5 minutes to fill out our free application either online or over the telephone. Once the information is submitted an approval will be issued within 1 business day. You will be contacted by one of our Finance Specialist directly to confirm information submitted online.
Will I be declined?
If you have a steady Income and a stable residency you will be approved.
I have been to other dealerships before and was declined, how will this time be different?
We at New Leaf Auto Finance Inc., work with clients that have been turned down many times and get approval with us. We work directly with lenders to structure the deal the way the bank will approve the loan. With our extensive experience in financing vehicles we have built strong relationships with our lenders and we understand how they want a car deal presented.
How many cars do I have to choose from?
New Leaf Auto Finance Inc. has many dealership partners allowing us to have a huge inventory, and one that is constantly changing. There are over 1,000 new and used vehicles to choose from of all makes and models. We will even finance a vehicle you find at another dealership, even if they couldn’t get you approved themselves!
How much is my payment?
Your payment will depend on what vehicle you decide to go with. Many people have the misconception that your payment will be lower on an older vehicle when many times a newer vehicle has a smaller payment because of a longer term. Our specialists work directly with you to go over a budget that works for you in order to establish your credit. We will never push you into a vehicle payment that is more than you can afford. We have provided a calculator to give you an idea of what your payment will be here.
How high will my interest be?
At New Leaf Auto Finance Inc. we work directly with many lenders allowing us to provide the lowest rate available to our clients. Banks assess risk depending on credit, and each lender has different guidelines. Our Finance Specialists are pros at getting the best rate from lenders with different tactics developed from years of experience.
All rates quoted are open ended meaning you can pay them off at any time without penalty and interest is only charged for the time you are with the loan. Our goal will be to establish your credit to a prime level (good credit) and achieve the best rates available in the process.
Isn’t an auto loan hard to qualify for?
Qualifying for an auto loan is easy as long as it is with the right lender and all necessary information is submitted in the application. We at New Leaf Auto Finance Inc. are also extremely successful at getting people approved that have even been turned down in the past.
Do I qualify on disability?
Yes, you can qualify for an auto loan with disability income. Any form of income will support a payment and we work with special lenders that will qualify on disability.
Do I qualify as a retired person?
Yes, retired income qualifies for an auto loan. Any form of income will support a payment and we work with lenders that will qualify you as a retired individual.
Do I qualify as a part time employee?
Yes, as a part time employee you can qualify for an auto loan. Any form of income will support a payment and we work with institutions that will lend to those that work part time.
Do I qualify if I am self-employed?
Yes, self-employed income qualifies for an auto loan. Any form of income will support a payment and we work with lenders that will qualify you if you are self-employed.
I am currently paying FMEP, can I qualify for an auto loan?
If you are currently paying FMEP either through a garnishment or payment plan or currently past due on your payments you can qualify for an auto loan. We work with lenders that will look beyond your past and help you move forward into your future.

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John C. 05/14/14

“If you really need a helping hand, then these people are ready to help. After all the phone calling and looking around with no one willing to help I phoned New Leaf and they helped my right away. I will be dealing with them again and recommend them to everyone. Thanks again Zach!”



Kyle B. 03/28/14

“New Leaf completely gave me a new start from a terrible car deal in the past. Zach worked so thoroughly to get me the best deal that worked for my situation. Unbelievable customer service! Incredible job Zach at New Leaf!”

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